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Monday, December 1, 2008


The basic substance of the cell cytoplasm is made up of 80% water. Modern research has also revealed that most organisms consists of 50% to 90% water and that every living entity requires water for its existence. Whenever the possibility of life on another planet is discussed, the first question is always: does it have water to support life?

Consider the following Qur’anic verse:

"We got every living thing from water. Will they not then believe?" [Al-Qur’an 21:30]

The following verse refers to the creation of animals from water:

"And Allah has created every animal from water." [Al-Qur’an 24:45]

The following verse refers to the creation of human beings from water:

"It is He Who has created man from water: Then has He established relationships of lineage and marriage: for thy Lord has power (over all things)." [Al-Qur’an 25:54]

The word ma’ used in Arabic here can equally be applied to seminal fluid.

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